Our Policies


  1. Work is started once both the payment and form has been filled out completely and submitted
  2. What you put into the form is what you will be getting so be sure to confirm everything you are inputting or what your clients’ are inputting



  1. Once the first draft is submitted to the client, you have 2 months to make the changes. Otherwise, if it will take longer, you must either pay us for hosting or get your own hosting and keep it on there.
    1. We will reach out to you up to 3 times by email and phone if we are unable to reach you within a week after the 2-month period. Your website may be at risk of being removed out of our server so it’s important to make sure you are at least in communication when waiting to send revisions.


Website Maintenance

  1. You have two options when it comes to website maintenance. You can get it for either $40/month or $450/year. Website maintenance includes 3 hours per month of maintenance. Website maintenance can be used for revisions, updates, adding blogs, and a variety of things like that. Website maintenance cannot be used to create other pages for your website, that would be a separate charge.

Website Copy

  1. If you buy a standard site, your site will be getting copy that is ran through a paraphraser from places on the internet or through ChatGPT. 
  2. If you buy a smart site, the copy on your site will be written by our copywriter to ensure maximum conversions and to ensure you’re speaking directly to your ideal prospect.



  1. You are able to send us referrals and earn 15% commission if you do not want to handle the onboarding, customer service, delivery and revisions for the client. If you refer somebody, you will get 15% on the first initial sale, whether they buy through your link or not. After the first initial sale, to continue getting commissions, your prospect would need to buy through a special link created in our affiliate portal that will be able to track all sales and commissions in your own personal dashboard once they purchase.