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Fazzi Bhatti
“Helped me make $3,500 in my first two weeks!”
Patriel Dunford
Infinite Fitness

“Quadrupled the amount of leads!”

Chris Santiago

“You helped me save over $300,000!”


Following our exclusive system that we built through years of trial and error can easily take you from working a 9-5 for $750 a week to making $10,000+ a month or more.

This is all while doing 0% fulfillment, that’s right 0%.

Weekly Consulting Sessions

First, we evaluate where you are in life and business.

Then we develop a strategic strategy to help you start making money online with as little effort as possible. 

Once you start completing your weekly tasks, reaching milestones, and making money…

We start teaching you how to scale and take your new business to the next level!

Courses, scripts, agreements and More!

Also, you get complete access to everything we use to close, onboard, and fulfill our clients.

Yes that includes…

Our team is your Team!

Having a great team is important to build a great company.

That’s why when you buy into this program, we take all the guesswork out of you having to find, interview, hire, train, and test new employees.

Hiring great people is one of the hardest things you can do in business.

Especially in the digital space!

Lucky for you, we have already done all the grunt work for you, so you only have to worry about closing the deal, and we take care of the fulfillment.

Since they are your team as well, you will have complete access to them for Zoom calls, questions, changes, and anything else you need for your clients.

Organic Sales

A lot of people may not have the funds after making an investment in a coaching program like this to be able to afford to spend money on ad spend.

Now the thing is there’s a lot of organic ways for you to get clients, there’s cold calling, cold emailing, LinkedIn, outreach, and so many more things.

If you are having any trouble closing or you have a low closing rate, it might be best for you to find some organic people and earn some extra money, and practice closing these people organically. This way you’re not wasting the money and wasting the leads.
Building you a a Great Website!

When signing up for this program, we take the guesswork out of you having to create a website that will show you’re the right company for the job.

We will build you a high-quality website that will give your clients the confidence that you’re the right company for the job. We have all the copy and design ideas so you can rest easy knowing your website will be beautiful, professional, and informative.

Are you ready to take the next step?
Ryan Macdonald
Creative Media Solutions

“I received $48,000 in one single day for a 3-month commitment from one client. I had the confidence to do it because I’ve been taught by one of the best Industry leaders and that’s Brian.”

“The transparency, knowledge and professionalism that you offered. This is by far the best Free Consultation I ever gotten. At least get on a call with Brian and you will get more out of that conversation more than likely than any other conversation that you have had.”
Your Marketing Pro
“I did not expect to get the amount of value that I got from my conversation with Brian. I have been on quite a bit of Free Call and this is by far the best one I have ever had. I’m looking forward to working with Brian more. I highly recommend someone getting on a call with Brian to hear him out.”
Some of our Website Examples
Hollywood Juice Bar at Alvins

Part of the challenge of creating a website for a Juice Bar on a beach in Florida is making it stand out from the other Juice Bar websites online. So with this in mind, the design had to be great and we had to carefully build each section to be informative at the same time engaging to the viewer. We also focused on selling how to sell the product and so we focused on the health benefits of the juices they are offering, giving specific details about each juice.


RegenoHealth is a men’s wellness center that offers Hormone Therapy, Sexual Wellness, Regenerative medicine, Weightloss, Hair Restoration, IV infusion and more. Our client’s vision for the website is to become a local leader in Men’s health offering the latest technology as part of the treatment. We focused on a professional, animated and technological look for the website mixed with blue and orange colors.

RX Car Deals

RX Car Deals is an auto website showcasing the different models and years of Mazda RX. This website is tailored for collectors, car enthusiasts, race car professionals or other hobbyists. Visitors of the website are able to search for different Mazda RX models that are available and can contact the seller to get a price or even negotiate with them. The website is inspired by the standard Red Theme of the RX Mazda and is tailor-made to give that fast and sharp look.

The Luxurious Lens

This website showcases a company’s portfolio in Luxurious Real Estate photography and videography. They offer photography, videography, staging, drone and tour videos for expensive properties around Florida. We opted for a clean look with gold and bronze colors. We added a personality to the website with the gold ribbons and we consistently showcase their work throughout the website with images and video backgrounds.

Check out this website we did for the lead singer of

Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda is the lead vocalist of the international rock band Journey. We built an amazing website focused on a fluid design to keep the visitors engaged and in awe. The website showcases Arnel Pineda’s biography, media, tours, events and his charity. We carefully designed each page to suit the style and needs of our client.

Chadi Boustani
Omnipotent Media
“Within a week, I got 200 Job Applicants and found 2 people who are amazing and absolute superstars. Brian made it so easy providing me with interview questions and more!”
Shekia Albury
Shekia Danielle Marketing

“I have tried all of the VA platforms, this is the best one. Just the resources & course alone are major money & time saver. Being able to reach out to Brian, then him giving me access to his team right away when I had a question added a lot of value and gave a personal touch. This program is a no brainer!”


“The course is well worth it, actually well worth more than I paid!”

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