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Be sure to show up AT LEAST 10 MINUTES EARLY! We have a 100 person limit, so if you come late you may not get on!

How to Get the Most out of the LIVE Training...
Chadi Boustani
Omnipotent Media
“Within a week, I got 200 Job Applicants and found 2 people who are amazing and absolute superstars. Brian made it so easy providing me with interview questions and more!”
Shekia Albury
Shekia Danielle Marketing

“I have tried all of the VA platforms, this is the best one. Just the resources & course alone are major money & time saver. Being able to reach out to Brian, then him giving me access to his team right away when I had a question added a lot of value and gave a personal touch. This program is a no brainer!”


“The course is well worth it, actually well worth more than I paid!”

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