Brian Melendez releases new book for marketing agency’s titled “Work On Your Agency, Not In It”


Boca Raton, Florida – January 6th, 2023 Brian Melendez owns a white-label marketing agency called Next Gen White Label. He has worked with over 200 agencies/coaches since inception. Working with that many agencies and coaches gave him access to information that could help agencies make more by doing less. Brian’s new book titled “Work On Your Agency, Not In It” gives all marketing agencies access to this information.

Brian ran a general marketing agency for years, from this hands-on experience he knows the struggles the everyday marketing agency is facing and aims to put the solution into actionable steps in his new book.

This book will give strategies for closing more deals with clients that will actually pay, without doing the actual work.

Brian believes the old cliché of working smarter, not harder, to be accurate.

When most people delegate their work they take that extra free time and actually use it as free time. What people should be doing is allocating that newly found free time to tasks that will move the business forward.

If an agency owners can remove themself from the busy work, and fulfillment, they can focus solely on scaling. Unfortunately, most people spend their time doing sales, management, follow-up, customer service, fulfillment, and more. This is preventing them from growing their business.

Let’s say they have a small team doing some of those things; they still need to figure out where to spend that newfound time.

This is why his new book “Work On Your Agency Not In it” will be a game changer for those who read and implement what’s inside.

The book is set to release on April 31st, 2023 you can get more info at www.nextgenwhitelabel.com

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