Revolutionize Your Cold Calling and Appointment Setting Efficiency!

Consider this...

An average cold caller or appointment setter makes 120 calls daily, incurring a weekly cost of $750. That’s $3,000 in expenses over a month. Now, picture this scenario with our innovative AI-Powered Services:

Our AI assistants not only make roughly 100 more calls every day but work tirelessly, 24/7, 365 days a year.

And that’s not all – our AI is not just a machine; it sounds like a REAL human, equipped with infinite memory, perfect recall, and the ability to autonomously navigate across 5,000 plus applications.

Here's why it's

a Game-changer

Your website design matters.

No more downtime. Our AI tirelessly works around the clock, ensuring your outreach is consistently active, even during non-traditional hours.

Human-like Conversations

Experience calls that sound indistinguishable from a real human. Our AI is designed to engage seamlessly, providing a personalized touch to your interactions.

Infinite Memory & Perfect Recall

Say goodbye to information gaps. Our AI processes vast amounts of data with infinite memory and flawless recall, ensuring every interaction is informed and tailored.

Autonomous Efficiency

With the ability to navigate through 5,000 plus applications autonomously, our AI performs the entire job of a full-time agent. No training, management, or motivation required – it just works!

Pricing Structure

FINAL: Coming Soon

$4,995 set up fee | $895 monthly for life

  • 6 months minimum
  • 2,500 calls monthly
  • $0.18 per minute after
  • Pay one whole year for only $695/month

With our AI-Powered Services handling the heavy lifting,

you can focus on working on your business, not in it.

We’re not just enhancing your operations; we’re taking you to the next generation of efficiency and innovation. Partner with us and experience the future where efficiency meets affordability, redefining success in your outreach endeavors!

Next Gen White Label helping agencies, and coaches work on the business not in it.

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